WHOIS and DNS lookup for .AC.UK domain names


You can query the whois for any .ac.uk domain name which is already registered, retrieve details regarding the:

  • if the domain available to register
  • check the expiry date
  • confirm the current domain owner
  • lookup contacts are correct
  • verify the nameservers

If you need to check the whois of an ac.uk domain you can use the WHOIS unix command but the simplest way it to use our page: WHOIS lookup for AC.UK domains


Checking the live DNS for a domain can be very useful, it can help you diagnose possible issues; it also allows you to view and backup the DNS.

DNS control panel - this is always included with all ac.uk domains we manage, register or reregister, it is easy to add/remove/edit all records attached to the DNS for the ac.uk domain name, including MX records.

If you need to check the DNS of an .ac.uk domain you can use the host unix command, if you are using a unix desktop, but it is far easier to use our:
DNS lookup page for .ac.uk domains.

Why pay for your DNS Services when we can offer them for free when you register or renew your .AC.UK domain with us. We provide a DNS control panel for you to manage all your DNS needs yourself FOR FREE. You can add, delete or amend any DNS record using our easy to use DNS control panel.

Contact us for more details.

ac.uk WHOIS and DNS lookup

ac.uk WHOIS and DNS

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